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there are numerous ways that people introduce themselves:

an awkward wave.

a firm handshake.

a friendly smile.

one kiss on this cheek, one kiss on the other.

a warm hug followed by a slight pushing off.

i’d like to introduce myself…

first and foremost, hello.

how are you?

amazingly delicious, i hope!

i’m twenty-seven years young, living in a small city in a great state.

i’m going to try to leave some things nameless…

less complicated.

more mysterious.

i suppose i’m typical…

if by “typical” i meant overtly sexual and a lover of being easily entertained.

i have my family.

i have my friends.

i have my lovers.

and i have a small interest in almost all of them.

i went to a state university and received a degree in something i loathe.

and like most of my peers, i have yet to actually put it to good use…

or any use at all.

however, i am educated and disciplined and punctual and responsible and a spelling bee champion and a unique dresser and have zero concept of saving money and overall just a really insatiable catch.

so for a good time, contact me!

i’ve done many things…

few of which are honorable.

many of which are not.

almost all of which i will share.

none of which i regret.

let’s keep it simple.

let’s keep it informal.

let’s keep it confidential.

just between you and i…

my name is Shekardaneh.