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i say that i will do this every year…

add it to my long list of resolutions that magically disappear by January 2nd.

therefore, i believe in some annoying way i have become predictable in my manner.

and as much as i hate to have that lingering title of “predictable” floating gratuitously above my well coiffed head, i really cannot try to fight it…

nor do i really care to.

you see, this right here:

every word that you are reading and hopefully absorbing…

this is my therapy.

my diary.



i have to do this.

it is the one thing that i have complete control over…

and one of the few things that has managed to keep me seemingly sane.

i am not a writer.

i have never actually been published…

well, unless you count some poems that i submitted and for a small fee of about $100, i could have printed into a book.

or that one time i contributed to a website but due to “creative differences”, i opted out…

i do not hold an English or Creative Writing degree…

and i most certainly have never taken any courses or training in order to broaden my literary style…

and yet somehow, people continue to ask me to help them with essays, edit their writings, give them composition advice, or just simply do the work for them.

so i guess what i do have is support…

a tiny little fan base that i have collected through various social networking websites over the years and/or forced them to read the very opinionated connotations of my brain.

and i suppose i also have a slight belief in myself.

but most importantly, i have hope.

that one day, i’ll actually be discovered…

and i’ll finally be able to publish my memoir.

until then, you can find me here…

my very own website, 15 years in the making.

i will say what i want.

i will do what i want.

because this is who i am…

and as cliché as it sounds, i do not apologize for it.

without further adieu, welcome to shekardaneh.com!