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the spring in my step.if you have been unable to tell up until this point, primarily from my 11-letter first name which means “A Grain of Sugar”, i am Persian (like the cat – meow)…

and although i am not necessarily religious, i take great pride in being a halfsie (half Muslim/half Zoroastrian).

with that being said, my favorite holiday in all of my immortal being (and really the only one that my entire family celebrates) is Persian New Year.

most commonly known as Nowrūz which translates to New Day, our New Year is observed on the first day of spring, seeing as how the beginning of the Persian Calendar falls on the Northward equinox between March 19th and 21st.

honestly, all that means to me is a chance to start over again, approximately two and a half months after the universally distinguished kickoff of the Civil Year on January 1st

and in my opinion, i think that makes me pretty fortunate.

as is customary with the commencement of a new year, i make a mental/verbal/written list of all of my hope-to-stick-to ‘Resolutions’ sometime in January, (which i conveniently made into a “To Do List” and shared with the avid readers of my blog on January 24th of this year)…

and since i have yet to keep up with any of them (as is also habitual, i suppose), i genuinely feel like PNY is my second chance in as many months to unquestionably lock down and make them happen.

therefore i would just like to take a moment to not only wish my fellow Persians and also my Non-Persians alike, a superbly Happy and Healthy 1392…

but to additionally pose a friendly reminder to vivify whatever promises you made to yourself in order to begin anew.

may the fire you built on Chahārshanbe-Sūri take your sickness, problems and paleness away, and in turn provide you and your loved ones with warmth, euphoria and energy…