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the daylight saving crime.i feel like Daylight Saving Time is actually ruining my life.

i spent an unusually lengthy moment dwelling on this topic this past Sunday as i was once again changing the clock in my car and watching an hour of my existence devastatingly vanish before my eyes.

i would say it was a couple of hours, but really after the time changed i have no idea how many minutes were truly expended…

and that right there was the be-all and end-all for me.

for those charming little states that are unaffected by this torturous practice, (i am looking at you Arizona and Hawaii), let me quickly explain what “DST” is:


we lose an hour near the beginning of spring, and then gain it back during autumn.

but usually this seems to occur at the exact moment when my sleep cycle has finally adjusted to the change…

and since resting is probably my favorite hobby in life, i tend to become alarmingly more irritable during its first appearance in the year.

moreover, it has rendered me to inquire about a number of things that i feel are kind of “time-sensitive”, if you will:

1. How is this affecting my birth control?

2. Why doesn’t anybody care about my slumber patterns?

3. Where does that hour really go though?

4. When will this madness end?

5. What were to happen if i flew into Hawaii right as the clocks were changing?

and maybe the most important question of all…

6. Who is the annoying little bastard who thought it would be cute to start saying “Spring Forward” and “Fall Back”?!

everything is just bullshit…

i need a fucking nap.