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the ticking time brain.over-thinking will be the death of me…

i find myself constantly battling a barrage of thoughts that no matter how much i try to dodge, they somehow find a way of sneaking their annoying pint-sized asses right back into my revolving door of a brain.

of course they vary from time to time between insignificant things to more imperative ones…

but nonetheless, they are always there and i cannot seem to escape them.

just the other night i woke up at 4 AM and i literally could not stop myself from mentally writing out this post…

and it trailed along and tormented me for a full three hours until i gave up and decided to get out of bed and begin my day a little earlier.

and that is just a fucking nuisance.

i realize that i am not alone in this analysis paralysis

there are copious amounts of people posting cute little images or adorable little sayings that deal exclusively with this mind-shattering epidemic.

it could be the biggest disease of the psyche, after all.

and as shitty luck would have it, that too has got me thinking…

if we are all so concerned about not falling into the trap of our subconscious, then how come there does not appear to be many solutions for us to learn to overcome it?

or even maybe to simply acquire a way to decrease its presence?

certainly we can tap into our spiritual beings and “Namaste” and “Om” ourselves into oblivion…

but honestly, who has that kind of time to step away in the middle of their frenetic day to concentrate on meditating?

i mean, if that’s the case, i would much rather invest in a neutralizer from Men In Black!

but alas, i am now over-thinking about over-thinking

this cycle is vicious.