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the hopeless romantic.tomorrow marks one of the most anticipated and simultaneously dissipating days in the calendar…

and depending on your current relationship status, the next 24 hours could likely vary between being a blessed or depressed time for you.

oh, the 14th of February…

the decorously dubbed “Hallmark Holiday” that is most commonly celebrated with an abundance of cards, calla lilies, confectionaries and eventually being cleaned out from excessive spending.

ahhhh yessss…

Valentine’s Day!

[i would just like to take a brief moment to clarify, as so many aficionados have done so before, that i too do not believe in choosing a single day to glorify love; that is something that should constantly be addressed and recognized…

but since it is thrown in our faces almost immediately after we ring in the New Year, then i am all for celebrating the occasion, notwithstanding of whether or not i am single or in a relationship.]

anyway, i love love!

i think it is the most amazingly beautiful and absolutely heart wrenching emotion that we can ever truly convey…

and although i am sure that most people’s definitions of ‘love is, “a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person” followed by a “sexual passion or desire”, i think it has many different descriptions, that of which i have adorably listed below.

so here is what i think “Love Is”…

❤ love is… bringing me water even if we are the same distance away from the fridge

❤ love is… going to the bathroom to fart because i think it is rude not to

❤ love is… insisting on telling me that you love me more when i am fervently looking for words to surpass infinity in the dictionary

❤ love is… kissing me on my forehead when i am wearing lipstick

❤ love is… letting me wear the same clothes for three days in a row and not telling me to change

❤ love is… moving my car for me when i am parked behind somebody trying to leave

❤ love is… pretending not to notice when i sing the wrong lyrics because i look so happy doing it

❤ love is… reeling me back in when i am spiraling out of control

❤ love is… sticking your finger under my nose at night while i am sleeping to make sure i am still breathing

❤ love is… telling me how pretty i am when i look like a man

❤ love is… what you make it because love is indefinable

but regardless of all of that, if your special someone gives you something the day before or the day after the 14th, they are either cheap or cheating!