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i’m upset.

no, scratch that…

i’m fucking angry!


unbelievably appalled!

i have done nothing more this week than forcefully read stories upon stories in the news about the multitude of sick and demented perverts lurking within school premises and sexually abusing children.

i say “forcefully” because there has yet to be a day where it’s not popping up the minute i click onto a news website…

or being posted on one of the social networks i frequent…

or being pushed into conversation by the hypothetical water cooler among my coworkers…

and i am absolutely sick to my stomach from it!

how do these dick-holes get hired for a position where they are not only permitted to deal and associate with minors, but are actually allowed to be left alone with them for hours on end?

who enlists them?

who screens them?

who evaluates them?

i have never understood the attraction that these insanely dysfunctional individuals have with committing these truly horrific and life altering acts, nor do i ever want to be able to process a thought like that…

so how do these supervisors/teachers/whomever it may be, concede that taking away the innocence of an adolescent (whose family and who they themselves have placed their trust in), is correct/just/legitimate?

what kind of mentally incompetent entity would not find that exposing a kid to any part of their anatomy or genitalia is not only inappropriate, but completely and utterly deranged?



something needs to be done right now.

someone needs to psychologically analyze every potential new hire.

somebody needs to implement a grueling and extensive background check.

these examinations should be more mandatory than a drug test!

because even that first time was one time too many…

les protéger.