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i ask a lot of questions…

no matter how seemingly insignificant, pointless or small they may be, i am always the first to somehow inquire about every little thing.

but instead of it being something that people welcome, there is always such a negative response or tone that gets carried through with the answer…

if i am even lucky enough to receive one at all.

as children, we were constantly encouraged to raise our hands and ask questions:

“there is no such thing as a stupid question” was a line used more frequently than it was meant, i’m sure…

so i wonder if my inquisitive nature was derived from the old ‘knowledge is power’ phrase…

or could it plainly be that i am just nosey?

even though it would be easier to just go with the latter, seeing as how i am better acquainted with myself than most people who claim to know me are, i am going to have to conceive that i probe in order to familiarize myself with more facts.

simply put, i just want to know everything.

but recently, this has been deemed as an annoyance with certain people in my life…

and yet again, i am left wondering why.

when did it become such an offense to ask questions?

why do people naturally consider that to be a form of prying?

and what the hell is the point in getting unnecessarily volatile and defensive over it?

if there is one thing that i respect more than anything, it is a persons right to their privacy.

and although i pride myself on being an open book, i certainly do not expect everyone else to follow suit…

nor do i necessarily condone it.

however, in particular friendships, relationships and situations, i most certainly believe that i am entitled to request more information, if need be…

and i shouldn’t feel that i am interfering in what i was made to understand was ‘public knowledge’.

as the old adage goes, “curiosity killed the cat…”

well that may be true, but this kitty still has eight lives left!