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the ample affection.is love enough?

like, really enough?

i’ve heard conflicting opinions and stances taken on this inquiry, and i must say, for someone who is as much of a hopeless romantic as i am, i’m really starting to question it.

i mean, thanks to the skillful rhyming styles of Destiny’s Child, i know that love can’t pay my Bills, Bills, Bills

not that money has ever been an important factor in the relationships i’ve chosen.

but as much as being in love and staying in love is effortless once you have found the right person, is it indeed sufficient?

are you willing to stay with someone who makes your heart pitter-patter and skip a couple of beats, even if it means having to maybe compromise other things that you once unequivocally believed to be non-negotiable in a relationship?

and if you can find it in your being to look past a certain number of things, will you ever be truly satisfied?

personally, as i have grown older and hopefully matured in my relationships, i have come to realize that some stuff are actually insignificant and too trivial to waste my time caring so much about…

but then again, there are a plenty of deal breakers that i refuse to budge on even if i am completely drowning in love.

of course the things that i value in a relationship are the things that most couples cease to settle on, as well:

  • Appreciation
  • Communication
  • Honesty
  • Openness
  • Loyalty
  • Non-Judgmental
  • Quality-Time
  • Trust

but most importantly, you need to be wholeheartedly happy and content with yourself and your significant other…

obviously, being happy all of the time is absolutely insane, but it should far outweigh the unhappy moments.

being in love is one of the most exhilaratingly fascinating states to be in…

but it can also be the most exhausting, because relationships require effort, time and work.

so in actuality, selecting your lifelong partner is not simply a decision made by your heart…

it is the simultaneous meeting of your brain and your soul.

choose wisely…