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the unresolved resolutions.i have been thinking a lot about resolutions

probably because it is still January and even though we are nearing the end of the month, some people have yet to stop wishing me a “Happy New Year”.

needless to say, it’s been on my mind…

now, i don’t usually make these types of bold declarations because let’s be honest, who actually keeps up with their broken promises anywhere after the second week of any given new year?

however, despite my loads of negativity, i have decided that maybe this time i would resolute to do some things that are not so cliché (i.e. eat better – which i plan to do), daunting (i.e. lose weight – which i plan to do… again) and typical (i.e. enjoy life more – which i plan to do… once i’m rich).

but in order to be successful in my endeavor, i have chosen to simply call this a “To Do List” (with a 365 day deadline)…

therefore, here are some things i would like to accomplish in 2013:

  • receive a massage once every two months
  • also maybe, throw in a few facials
  • quit being fake nice to people i genuinely dislike, and simply start ignoring them
  • learn how to ride a bicycle
  • develop an actual savings account
  • drink more tea
  • perhaps try to halt my cyber stalking
  • trust in the process of life
  • possibly post my first picture on Instagram for the 260+ followers that i don’t understand why i have
  • get engaged
  • or at least, maybe begin planning a potential wedding for when i do
  • prevent myself from telling everyone that i will stab them in the face if they don’t do what i say
  • take a tropical vacation
  • tone down the fucking cussing
  • stop thinking i know anything about making my own juice cleanses
  • invest in candles
  • put myself on a 15 minute time out every day just to relax and regroup
  • when in doubt, smile
  • find a job where management respects their employees
  • or better yet, become my own boss

but most importantly, i need to learn to realize that although misery loves company, so does happiness…

so i want to just be happy.

with that being said, i am ready to grab 2013 by its lopsided little balls and show it that i mean fucking business!

24 days down, 341 more to go…