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can we all just stop being sad, please?

can we make it a thing to not be unhappy or down or depressed or blue?

pretty fucking please?!

obviously, i am not one to talk.

i mean, i wake up most mornings in such a nasty funk and for some reason, i allow that attitude to walk out of the front door with me…

when in reality, i just want to slam the son of a bitch in between the hinges!

but like most people who are not built like robots, i just cannot shake it off as easily as i would dote on.

and oddly enough, i don’t even have a legitimate reason to be so cheerless!

regardless, it still happens…

and i need that shit to stop.

fortunately, i have not been diagnosed with some sort of chemical imbalance in which case all of this “stuck-in-a-rut-boo-hoo-wahhhh” would make sense…

so it should be fairly easy for me to nip that bitch in the bud.

and that is exactly what i am seeking out to do!

i am going to stop getting so caught up on situations that do not necessitate my gloominess…

and honestly, so should you, my low-spirited and melancholy friend(s).

so what if that person you had been crushing on incessantly doesn’t feel the same way?

so what if your boss cannot see what an amazing asset you are to the team?

so what if your barista added two pumps of caramel instead of three?

so what if you gained five pounds on your silly diet regimen?


unless you are in dire need of a transplant that is going to save your life…

or somebody that you loved and adored just passed away…

you have zero reason to not enjoy every fucking second of every goddamn day!

we are all fully capable of crying over that cliché cup of spilt milk, but wouldn’t it be so much more relaxing on our pretty little eyes if we simply picked up a paper towel and just wiped it up instead?

so let’s stop our fucking bitching, and merely smile!

because as i read on a science blog long ago, “smiling is contagious”…

or something super cutesy like that.