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i was recently approached by a writer for the “Huffington Post” who had been introduced to my website…

she contacted me to get my thoughts on the Bravo television show, the Shahs of Sunset.

what i assumed was going to be a meeting in which she would quote my thoughts into an article she was writing, turned out to be an interview in which she asked me to write an article for their online publication!

she mentioned how there are already numerous Iranian-American’s writing blogs about the Shahs of Sunset for the “Huffington Post” in which they are doing nothing more than bashing the show and remarking on what an embarrassment it is, to which i immediately concurred…

but she went on to say that after she visited my website, she wanted to see if i would be willing to write about a particular topic instead of just the show in general.

she stated, “You are obviously very opinionated, and after looking at your website, I think that you would be able to write about something stronger and more compelling than what everyone else is already saying. I think that you would make more of an impact… Would you be willing to write an article for us on the topic of Interfaith Relationships?

and of course, i promptly agreed.

i am currently being featured on the front page of the “Huffington Post – Los Angeles” page and you can locate my article “The Disbelief in Our Beliefs” by clicking on the following link:


it looks like my birthday wish is already coming true…

five more days and counting!