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the non-ladies room.females are fucking gross.

i understand that this is a bold statement and there are a ton of girls out there that may in fact not be completely disgusting…

but in general, i have come to realize that there is a wide array of them that are undeniably deplorable.

i mean like, barbarically boorish and crudely callous…

and all in all, just fucking nasty.

within the last year, i have involuntarily observed the rapid deterioration in manners, etiquette, and overall common decency that one would expect from the more, well, “polished” gender…

the type of socially “correct” conduct that is usually synonymous with a woman has become virtually nonexistent and has been abruptly replaced with a repulsive demeanor that i personally have zero reverence and no patience for whatsoever.

besides the obvious lack of self-respect and self-esteem that has been afflicting us for years, we have added vulgarity and an unapologetic attitude problem to just about every little thing that we do…

and in that regard, i am just as guilty.

however, there is one thing that i unquestionably refuse to partake in…

and this is atrociously appalling bathroom behavior!

i have very low tolerance for odor…

whether it is in the form of bad breath, reeking armpits, or foul-smelling feet, there is very little funk that my precious little nostrils can handle.

and i am sure that i am not alone in this instance…

so why is it that some ladies (and i am using this term extremely loosely) allow themselves to literally go anytime and anyplace and more freely than a baby who has no control over themselves?!

leaving remnants of their ungroomed regions, urine stains, used female hygiene products, unworldly scents, and unflushed toilet paper (and whatever other bowel movements may have occurred in the bowl), is not ever fucking okay!

like, what in the hell is wrong with some of you?!

whatever barnyard behavior you involve yourself with in your own home and personal surroundings, is just that: PERSONAL.

we call them our PRIVATES for a reason, because not everybody needs to see that fucking shit (no pun intended)!

and for the love of god, wash your damn hands!

–  Management