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the liar liar pants on fire.the other day i was driving around with my grandmother and we were talking about things that are neither here nor there when she made a statement that i had heard before, but never taken the time to truly understand its meaning…

she said, “if you say a single lie you will end up making up ten more just to cover that one up.”

i think it is pretty safe to assume that nobody really likes liars…

and unless you are pathological, then most people do not actually enjoy lying either.

but can all lies be equally as damaging?

we have come up with all sorts of words to replace the deceitful act:

  • bluffing
  • dishonesty
  • fibbing
  • untruth

and my personal favorite…

  • little white lies (because size really does matter)

and to be honest, i have made up my own fair share of inaccuracies.

they were mostly fabricated in order to get me out of events i would rather not attend…

or pretending i am hanging out with my friends instead of a boy so that my parents would not ask me a million questions…

or merely making something up because calling in sick to work is easier than saying i just don’t feel like coming in today.

and i’m not going to lie, i am sure there have been other instances, too…

but never something that would truly hurt the other person if they found out…

or at least not intentionally.

but even in knowing that i have participated in some dupery of my own, i still genuinely despise compulsive falsifiers because regardless of the severity, lying is always meant to mislead someone…

which is just a shitty thing to do.

and truthfully, no matter how hard you try, you will somehow get caught up or even worse, simply get caught

so don’t fucking do it.

i mean, there has got to be some truth behind “honesty is the best policy”, right?

let the truth set you free, bitch!