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the flossing fiasco.a few nights ago before curling up with my blankets and floating away into my subconscious, i had a bit of an “A-HA” moment…

i was getting ready for bed which is quite the process in itself:

–          floss

–          brush teeth

–          wash face

–          exfoliate

–          moisturize

but before i started engaging in my nightly ritual, i called my dad in to the bathroom to kill a monstrous mosquito for me…

(it had really long legs and was about two inches wide, so i am assuming that’s what it was?)

anyway, he went into his usual bit of how you shouldn’t kill this type of insect because they eat other bugs, etc. and i went on to tell him that i don’t care about that because we don’t live in the wilderness…

and also, it was fucking humongous!

(just kidding, PETA!)

right after the deed was done, i began flossing my teeth…

and that is when my father made a truly mind-boggling statement to me as he was leaving:

he said, “you’re doing it wrong.”

(wait, WHAT?!)

of course at first i thought he was joking.

i mean, i obviously know that nobody actually enjoys flossing their teeth unless they have just finished delving into a juicy steak and floss is their only savior…

and really, we just want to get it over with.

but how could there possibly be an incorrect way of doing it?

mind you, I AM 29 YEARS OLD!

[twenty. nine.]

after i shook off the perplexed look on my face and tried really hard to tell him that he was wrong, [because i was having a really difficult time wrapping my head around his statement], i took a brief minute to regroup and reflect…

we are always told that we never stop learning…

and while i wholeheartedly believe this to be true, i would have never thought that there would be a moment when what i grew up thinking was absolutely accurate and something that i had become so accustomed to doing a certain way, would actually throw me for a massive loop many years later and preemptively force me to change.

but that is kind of the beauty in growing, right?

we are gifted with this incredible ability to relearn and adapt, and essentially to revise and accept even the toughest truths…

so we would be greatly mistaken to assume or believe that we have nothing left to learn or teach no matter how many times we have habitually done something.

stay educated…

stay hungry.