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last year, only mere moments after indulging in gratuitous amounts of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, dinner rolls and a thick slice of pumpkin pie cloaked under a mountain of whipped cream, i laid in my bed and rightly began to contemplate all of the things that i was thankful for in 2011…

i pulled out my iPhone, opened a new “note” on my personal Facebook page and proceeded to jot down this seemingly generic list of appreciation right before the tryptophan kicked in and sent me to a waistband-expanded, dream-like state.

coincidentally, it was also the last “note” i ever posted onto my Facebook, seeing as how shekardaneh.com was developed just two months later…

needless to say, i decided that in keeping up with this tradition that i created for myself, i would maybe change it up a bit this year and express my gratitude for some of the less obvious people, places and things that are present in my life…

and don’t worry; if you made it onto my manifesto last year, i haven’t quit you cold turkey just yet.

so without further ado, here are my 2012 thankfulities!

i am thankful for

  • making up my own words (see, thankfulities)
  • foggy windows
  • personalized anything
  • chewing gum
  • the venti option at Starbucks
  • iBooks
  • sneezing and “bless you’s”
  • the lingering of delicious cologne/perfume as someone walks past you
  • floss
  • Hello Kitty Chia Pet
  • hips that don’t lie
  • junk emails
  • Susan fucking Miller
  • wet wipes
  • treble and bass clefs
  • *69
  • being referred to as “trouble
  • Target
  • Hulu Plus and Netflix
  • my nail lady
  • napkins (cuz i just spilled coffee all over myself)
  • cheesy french fries
  • warm breath
  • creative freedom
  • eating Honey Bunches of Oats at any time of the day
  • wish lists
  • receiving invitations the old fashioned way
  • Obama
  • full voicemails
  • laser hair removal
  • hot yoga
  • Dr. Steve Brule
  • people who actually read my ramblings
  • pulling out wedgies
  • unicorns
  • smooth skin
  • saving room for dessert
  • the month of April
  • matching bras and panties
  • sidewalk chalk and bubbles
  • iMessage (when it actually works)
  • being lactose tolerant
  • autocorrect never being even close
  • knowing exactly when to expect my period
  • Shazam-ing a song during a movie
  • staycations
  • courtesy flushes
  • dandelions
  • weird news
  • myself

but mostly, i am thankful for my unique name…

because if it were any typical moniker, i would have one hell of a time securing a domain!

happy thanksgiving, my little pecan pies…

hopefully your turkey isn’t as dry as your personality!