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the human race has become lazy!

L-A-Z-Y, lazy.

we no longer want to embark on anything that could potentially take us longer than two minutes…

and i’m not quite certain if that has to do with our being too busy, or if we have simply lost all patience.

regardless of the reasoning, the verifiable truth remains that the majority of us are basically roaming through our lives absolutely comatose and careless…

and i solely blame the texting generation for this.

with the superfluity of abbreviations and acronyms devised to make texting conversations accelerated and effortless, we have lost the true essence and invariable nature of language…

and furthermore, we have managed to replace proper emotions with “emoji’s” and “symbols” produced to conveniently mirror the expressions on our faces.

not to conclude that i am above this handy lifestyle, because to be honest, i will emoji-fuck the shit out of anyone with an iPhone all day and LOL my AO all the way to the Apple Store…

but when i receive a text message, and the word ‘you’ has been shortened to “u”, i begin to question the faith of humankind and the inevitable loss of dialect.

i mean, seriously?!

you abbreviated a three-letter word!

is there anything more half-hearted than seemingly not having the time to type in two extra letters, which by the way, are all directly next to one another on any given keyboard?!

one can only conclude that this person was in the middle of something severely urgent and grandeur which resulted in their having only the slightest few and precious moments to respond, and thus, could not be bothered to write out a whole three-letter word…

that appears to be the only plausible explanation for such a preposterous act.

have we all just become perfunctory usageasters who have been forced to adapt to the death of whole words and full sentences?

and worst of all, who the hell was responsible for slaughtering our gorgeous grammar and pulchritudinous punctuation?